Thursday, August 19, 2010

july 6, 2007

six simple days of serenity, and in a flash

perfect visions of days that could lay ahead

of more elevator joy rides than either of us could stand/enjoy

hot nights in busy cities, tossing and turning

(forgetting the heat and the sounds in the streets).

but who needs electric, LED-Lighted, luminary, numinous

visions psychadelic in their beautifully innocent splendour?

progressive paradigms shifting like the pavement in front of the hotel

after hours of sweating, spinning, butterflywingswhirlingwildly inside

new feelings in an old body dismissed/disused

now, after these six simply serendipidous days

i am left hungry without any desire to eat

the butterflies slowly fading away

their flashing light wings crumbling into week-old,

forgotten confetti.

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