Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pas de Deux

I'm just a Gatekeeper half-grimacing
With other half-of-face not as convincing.
As Matron of the Misplaced
I only ever get a taste.
Any semblance of permanence
Is just another endless distance-
And the time that I do get
Only ever goes to waste -

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

fear not, i do not beckon to rocky shores...

If you can make it through the gate
And not just evaporate
And if my Endless woe you might abate -
Then for you I vow I'll wait.
If you can fathom my unearthly station,
Yet still behold me, void of trepidation,
Or care to spare a moment of shared elation -
Then I'll swear I can be patient.

But if it's due to your weak resolve
That you simply must dissolve,
Or sink into the Swamps of Sadness of my sway,
Then I'll look toward some other day.
Where some unknown courageous Cavalier can with unsheathed weapon the thorned thickets clear
And bestow a kiss upon this frozen Miss and the shroud of fog from her labyrinthine scene lift...

For so many sailors who forgot to steer
Have left me quite marooned down here.
So, please, good sir, be bold at those Tragic Gates,
So this Siren and her Sailor
Might share their happy fates.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

pinball cocaine blues

And just when i'd try to do my best to express it all,
You'd cock your head towards the sliding glass door and ask,
"hey, you wanna play pinball?"

Cause I was your girl.
The one with black hair and sad eyes
And a kind heart and soft hands.

You said, "no, babe, don't pull back on the spring,
You gotta hit it like a man."

And you cupped my hand into a fist.
It's funny -
The things you find you miss.