Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'd convinced myself I'd never want to show this wretched world to one more soul who'd have to hang his head so low to know such simple joys and tragic pains one must see to believe... Yet the Love in it is what makes up the core of me-

In my young-old age I've tired of these petty wars I wage, and I've learned from the mistakes I've been much too wise to make. Wouldn't I rather be a thing I always wished I'd seen? Devote my life to building that which was always denied to me? Breed some brooding ducklings? Teach them how to fly away and love freely?

In time I want a backyard barbecue where everyone I now know has paid their dues, and my husband's singing with our kids while I play catch-up with my friends. What are the means to that end?

I think at the finish line I'd prefer an empty nest than finish my life knowing it was full of emptiness...

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