Thursday, December 11, 2008

with no river to skate away on
i'm wishing i were even further gone
for whene'er in my mind there breaks a dawn
i smother it with flat black krylon
palm trees alight as evergreens
for in angeles nothing ever is as it seems
and so we'll kiss in between our dreams
and put away other eyes that gleamed
last Christmas there was joy in you
over all the doing that we'd do
in all the seeing that we'd seen
all the adventure you thought i'd bring
but it seems now that i've let you down
you've no interest in escorting me 'round town
i had trouble even getting you here
so i've little left for cause of cheer
but it seems to be the qualm we all fall in:
what is habit, what is genuine?
what happened to that love we shared
one year ago upon a poolside stair
when happiness hung in the air
and your interest piqued in being there - 
and if i could only go back now
i'd put forth more effort in committing to mem'ry how
your face looked and your voice changed
the first time you told me that you felt the same
because I simply can't remember that -
but if i could go anywhere,
that's where i'd be at.

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Tommy. said...


What would I say
if I should chance to meet her
beside a field of flowers of the sun,
or walking in a shower of summer rain,
she loved the rain
her face upturned to halfway meet
the cooling kiss of nature.
I’d try to find my voice and words
to tell her how I’ve missed her,
how I’ve loved her these long years in silence,
but she would know my heart
and how I long, and yearn, and sorrow
for her sweet face,
and for a love
that I thought was lost
and gone forever,
then she would speak to me
and tell me
how our love is not forever gone,
but lives
and breathes in all the things of life.
She’d leave me then,
and I would linger
here in the summer rain.
If I should ever meet her yet again
beside a field of flowers of the sun,
what would I say?